iTunify 1.7.7

Extra vitamins for your iTunes

iTunify is the missing set of tools for iTunes. You will be able to do many things that the music player doesn't and it will simplify the way you use it. iTunify is very easy to install and use with iTunes. It lets you:

  • Find duplicate tracks
  • Find & Replace in ID3 tags with support for Regular Expressions
  • Change the case of ID3 tags (upper, lower, word, sentence)
  • Exchange ID3 tags
  • Import & Export artwork with advanced options
  • Import & Export ID3 tags with advanced options
  • Toggle bookmarkability of AAC tracks
  • Remove dead tracks from library
  • Remove checked tracks from library
  • Remove unchecked tracks from library
  • Invert Check Marks


The developer of iTunify is no longer providing support for the program. Although you can still download it, we can't guarantee that it will function correctly, and once the trial period has ended, you won't be able to purchase the full version.

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iTunify 1.7.7

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